December’s Community Lunch was Filled with Christmas Spirit

Look at this beautiful spread which included baked ham, healthy salads, rice dishes, baked squash, sautéed Chinese brocolli, sushi, chicken daikon soup, etc. here demonstrated by Kazuko, Kelli and Richard. Yummy!
Cynthia Fukuda, Amy Shiozaki, and Bev Lovass share good time stories!
Our task was to get to know people we didn’t know that well. Here is Carolyn and her father Mas Kameya. I met her dad at one of the mission outreach Sundays on the “farm.” This was a nice reconnect.
And then I met these four young men whom I heard are lonely no longer. Here is from left: Takumi, Lance Sunzeri, Alan Ngai, our office admin and Lance's cousin, Ryan Sunzeri and they are good friends.
Let’s not forget to thank the hardworking crew from the Missions Committee who were servants and served us: some from that committee were Mary Sasaki, Bev Acuna, and Doris Tabuchi above and below, Susan Shimizu and Joanne Kumano.
We welcome Wayne Kuwada, who has returned after an extensive vacation abroad and now back with dish-pan hands. We’ve missed him.

Thank you to all those who served... John Tanaka, Judie Kanemoto, Cynthia Fukuda, Jim Mar, Mary Sasaki, Bev Acuna, Doris Tabuchi, Marcia Yasukawa, Wayne Kuwada,Terri Koike, Bobbie Ueunten, Ted & Sue Wong, Misao Kusada, Susan Shimizu and Joanne Kumano.