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Worship with us on Sundays at 10am!

We are located at
566 N. 5th Street, San Jose, CA 95112


Our church has three parking lots but if you’ve never been to Wesley before, you can park in our front of the church parking lot on 5th St. If you are a senior with mobility issues, you can always park there.
But sometimes we fill up and you’ll need to know how to access our other parking lots. We have two back parking lots which are around the block on 6th Street and there’s Wesley signage to help you figure out which ones are connected to the church.  Once you’ve parked there for the first time, look for signs to walk through to get to the church.  You don’t have to walk around the block.

Worship Service Q&A:

Will there be childcare?
Yes! Childcare is provided on Sunday mornings at 10am for infants, as well as Sunday School for K-12th grade students. If you have questions or would like more information, you can contact Hatty Lin, Director of Children's Ministry, at godsgarden@wesleysj.net.

What's the dress code for worship services?
Dress code?  Most people wear what they would wear to work or school.  Some dress up a bit, some are casual. We encourage you to come wearing whatever is comfortable for you!  We believe God loves us just as we are.

Will I be pressured to donate?
No.  There is no pressure to give.  We collect offering every Sunday and we have an annual pledge drive. There are some beautiful stories of what our church has meant in the lives of the people at Wesley, which motivates them to support the ministries.  It’s all about what’s in your heart.  It’s all about the spirit of God in you.  It’s really a gift to the church and less of an obligation.

Where do I park?
Our church has three parking lots but if you are a first-time visitor, we have a space reserved for you in our main lot on 5th Street.  If you are a senior with mobility issues you can always park there as well.  We also have two parking lots on 6th Street behind the church.  There are signs to direct you from the 6th Street parking lots to the church.  You don’t have to walk around the block.

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