Men of Wesley UMC

Men of Wesley UMC,
The Wesley Men organization has been relatively quiet since the pandemic. We did sponsor last year's Easter Breakfast and we are scheduled to do the Easter Breakfast again and the Mother's Day Luncheon.
The Wesley Men's Mission Statement is:
Provide support, opportunity, and fellowship to the men of Wesley United Methodist Church, helping each other to serve God effectively in the home, workplace, at church, and in the community.
Having the Wesley Men made it easy to recruit help when church projects needed manpower, such as renovating the parsonage and working to build a shed and other work around Tom and Helen Masuda's home. We also organized breakfast for the church 6 times a year, helped with the Rummage sale, and recruited help for Aki Matsuri, Nikkei Matsuri, and Mochitsuki.
The reason I am writing is to get feedback on whether the usefulness of the Wesley Men is still viable or not. We need people in leadership roles and men willing to help. The future needs include the Easter Breakfast and Mother's Day Luncheon.
Please respond to any of the ideas/thoughts in this article, to Wayne Kuwada through the church office.