Christmas Sunday Service and Advent Candlelighting

The Iceman Cometh
No…Not Santa! We were blessed to have Rev. Dick Corson give the Christmas message on Sunday, Dec. 24 AKA “The Iceman” because of his dedicated and caring work every Tuesday during our church’ outreach Food Distribution program, where he spends his morning packaging frozen food our of the freezer for our Grant families. Today he continued the four part discussion on community.
And of course, the warm-up act, was brought forward by Rev. Bobbie Corson who poignantly brought forward the Virgin Mary story from the Scripture reading taken from Luke 1:26-38.
Daniella Polar and Jonatan Schumacher and their children lit the third Advent candle of JOY on Dec. 17. “We light these candles, the candle of joyous hope, of proclaimed peace, and of deep and everlasting joy, as a sign that we are those who walk with a skip in our step because we can see the destination and it is pure joy. We are ascending to God’s promise."
The fourth Advent Candle of love was lit by the Kellie and Brent Nunokawa family.