Technology Committee

2023 Technology Committee Report
  • We have recruited and trained over 9 people to operate the livestreaming equipment in the Sanctuary.  This allows us to spread out the workload of broadcasting the service such that no one person is asked to work every Sunday.
  • The reliability of Comcast’s internet service to our campus was very poor early in 2023 due to wet cooper cables in Japantown.  The entire district was experiencing service outages, and this was very disruptive to our Sunday morning livestream broadcasts.  These issues are mostly resolved, but if outages reoccur with wet weather this winter the Tech Committee recommends we transition to a fiber-optics service provider.
  • The security camera system for buildings on 5th street was upgraded to allow better real-time remote access to what the cameras are recording and has additional capacity to add cameras covering the proposed garden area behind the Fellowship Hall.