God’s Garden Children’s Ministry

God’s Garden Children’s Ministry 2023
Sacred Seedlings (nursery): Sarah Holt, Kellie Nunokawa and Christine Ozawa
Super Sprouts (preschool-K): Karen Chou, Mary Asano and Leighton Horio
Best Buds (1st-2nd): Kiyomi Yanai, Lisa Bantilan and Jayne Williams
Giving Tree (3rd-5th): Jim Mar, Rob Hikido, Clarissa Johnston-Abril and Hatty Lin

January 2023
Attendance: varied from 10-15 children each Sunday
• Started the Winter Celebrate Wonder Curriculum
• Collaborated with United Women in Faith to assemble 22 Blessing Bags for Grant
Families. God’s Garden children decorated small paper bags for treats.

February 2023
Attendance: 11-15 children; due to winter break, Sunday School only met twice in February
• Feb 12: Valentine’s Day Party for God’s Garden, CAF and MYF
Attendance: 22 children and 3 adults
We had crafts and served dinner for all the children and youth. A way for the children
and youth to have fellowship outside Sunday School class.
March 2023
Attendance: 10-18 children
Held Meet Your Bibles classes for 3rd and 4th graders. Three children attended 2 Sunday classes after service.

April 2023
Attendance: 6-19 children; due to Easter and spring break Sunday School only met twice
• April 2: Palm Sunday: God’s Garden children did a Palm Parade in the sanctuary and songs. The children also planted flowers in front of the church office.
* April 9: Easter Egg Hunt at JACL (11:15am-1pm): CAF and MYF hid easter eggs in the JACL garden. Children headed over to the garden after service for an egg hunt. We collected donations from the congregation starting in May. We received many donations of candy, Easter favors, gift cards and monetary donations.
May 2023
Attendance: 8-18 children this month
• May 14: Mother’s Day Attendance: 18 children God’s Garden children, CAF and MYF youth made gifts for the women at Wesley. The children passed out little tokens plus carnations to the women after service. There was no Sunday School as the teachers get Mother’s Day off from teaching.
May 21: children made cards and leis for the graduating MYF seniors and CAF 8th graders.

June 2023
Attendance: 9 children
June 4: last day of Sunday School. Met as a larger group in the FSH for some activities and treats.

June 18: Summer Sunday School
12 children and youth, 2 adults
We put together little treats for the Wesley men to pass out for Father’s Day.
July 2023
July 2: Summer Sunday School
15 children and youth, 2 adults
We made “Thinking of You” cards for Kathy Takeda.
Aug 2023
Aug 2: Summer Sunday School
Aug 18: God’s Garden meeting to prep for the upcoming year
2023-2024 God’s Garden School Year


Sacred Seedlings (nursery): Mari Fujii, Kellie Nunokawa, Christine Ozawa and Mika Visitaction
Super Sprouts (preschool-K): Karen Chou, Mary Asano and Leighton Horio
Best Buds (1st-2nd): Kiyomi Yanai, Lisa Bantilan and Jayne Williams
Giving Tree (3rd-5th): Jim Mar, Rob Hikido, Clarissa Johnston-Abril and Hatty Lin

Sarah Holt stepped down as a nursery teacher. Mari Fujii and Mika Visitacion joined the nursery teaching staff.
Super Sprouts and Best Buds will continue to share a classroom. For curriculum this year, Super Sprouts and Best Buds are continuing with the Celebrate Wonder this fall.
They will use the Deep Blue curriculum starting in January. We will use Amplify Media streaming service to access videos. Giving Tree is creating their own curriculum following the lectionary and the monthly themes for CAF and MYF. The Giving Tree teachers chose scripture based on the lectionary and are coming up with class-appropriate activities based on the scripture. Giving Tree will also incorporate service projects throughout the year.

We will continue to work with CAF and MYF to do Prayer Buddies on the last Sunday of
the month.

Sept 2023
• Sept 10: Rally Sunday
Attendance: 19 children

We welcomed back all the children, youth and teachers on Sept 10th. Rev John blessed their backpacks and we distributed a Bible to our one 3rd grader. After service, there was a Wesley Fellowship Lunch which Children and Youth Ministries helped with.

We have 26 children officially registered for God’s Garden.
Nursery/Infant 2 yo and under: 3
Preschool 3-4yo: 7
TK: 2
Kinder: 3
1st: 3
2nd: 1
3rd: 2
4th: 2
5th: 3

Oct 2023 [upcoming]
Oct 16: Held a teachers meeting over Zoom–mainly to plan for Christmas program.

Oct 28: Halloween Party
We’re planning a Halloween party with CAF and MYF.

Nov 2023

Thanksgiving activities

Dec 2023
Dec 17: Christmas Play and songs