Worship Committee Annual Report
Submitted by: Marcia Yasukawa/Derek Miyahara
Members: Marcia Yasukawa, Derek Miyahara, Jim Higuchi, Hector Acuna (Jim Mar adhoc)
Areas of Responsibility:
*Weekly sign-ups for Altar Flowers, Ushering and Greeting
*Preparation of monthly communion elements and staffing communion stewards
*Upkeep and replenishing of Sanctuary worship supplies
*Annual event planning: Poinsettias for Christmas. Lilies for Easter
*Purchase of choir music/licenses as needed
*Piano tuning costs
*Purchase of worship supplies/decorations as needed
*Set up for Sunday services specific to Sunday needs

2023 Highlights:
-Addition of ‘Liturgist’ to Time to Sign Up on Wesley App under “Happenings”
-Continuation of new attendee sign-ins and crane pins
-Addition of candle extinguishing as part of end of service
-Addition of on-line viewer count to Sunday attendance
-We continue to offer opportunities to our congregation to serve as Worship Helpers through
our Wesley Newsletter, weekly Sunday opening slides and Wesley App
-Altar flower arrangements made whenever there is no sign-up for Altar Dedication.

We are most fortunate as church volunteers always manage to fill the usher/communion/liturgist
positions whenever there is a need.
■ Online Signup Page -- http://www.timetosignup.com/wesleysignups/