Christian Adventure Fellowship

A Typical Sunday
Every Sunday, we begin in worship service to hear the welcome, call to worship, and opening songs. After, we meet in our classroom in the Education Building for the rest of the time.
We follow a lesson plan consisting of reading scripture, journaling, participating in activities and games, and answering small group discussion questions. Hatty, the God’s Garden Director, Kasper, the MYF Director, and I created monthly themes for the 2023-2024 school year, and from there, we created our own age-appropriate lessons for our ministries. I write up all of the CAF lesson plans and discussion questions.

January: A New Season
We explored the theme of renewal. With both the start of a new year and the common idea of being able to reinvent ourselves at the start of every year, where can we go? The possibilities are endless. However, we don’t want to just make goals without a way to check in with ourselves. How can we learn different ways to grow personally and spiritually?
❖January 1 - New Year Family Service
❖January 8 - CAF
❖January 15 - CAF
❖January 22 - CAF
❖January 30 - Prayer Buddies
Jan 8 - CAF writing New Year’s goals. They put their goals in jars to take home. Then when they completed their goals, they pulled them out.
Feb 12 - Youth Valentine’s Day Party! CAF and MYF youth had a blast with God’s Garden!
February - April: What is Love? 
One of the primary core values of being a Christian is the idea of loving our neighbor. At Wesley, we pride ourselves on loving God and loving one another. What is God’s love? What does it mean to love others? How can we love others?
❖ February 5 - Scout Sunday Family Service
❖ February 12 - CAF
➢ Valentine’s Party
❖ February 19 - CAF
❖ February 26 - Reconciling Family Service
❖ March 5 - Transgender Awareness Sunday Family Service
❖ March 12 - CAF
❖ March 19 - CAF
❖ March 26 - Prayer Buddies
❖ April 2 - CAF
❖ April 9 - Easter Service
➢ Easter Egg Hunt
❖ April 16 - Compassion Sunday (No CAF)
❖ April 23 - Nikkei Matsuri (No CAF)
❖ April 30 - CAF
March 19 - CAF creating a tower out of  spaghetti noodles and marshmallows.
April 2 - CAF Stuffing Easter Eggs for the Easter Egg Hunt.
April 9 - Easter Sunday!
May: The Next Step
As we begin to wrap up our year, we’re going to take a look at a few other Christian values. These values can apply outside of our faith as we take a look at purpose and compassion, and their roles in our lives. How can we shape our faith? How can we build each other up?
❖ May 7 - CAF
❖ May 14 - Mother’s Day Service (Collaborative God’s Garden/CAF/MYF)
❖ May 21 - CAF
❖ May 28 - Memorial Day Family Service
May 20-21: CAF/MYF Lock-in! So fun! We had dinner and watched a movie!
June 2 - Playing a fun “Minute to Win It” Game! Flipping spoons into a cup.
June - August:
As we wrap up our school year together, we look forward to summer and time off from school. However, our spiritual journeys do not take a break! We are still constantly within God’s grace and love, even if we may not attend church/CAF every Sunday. We want to reflect on all we have learned and how we have grown, not just personally, but as Christians. After Graduation Sunday, we met once a month for Summer Sunday School with God’s Garden and MYF for a variety of activities.
❖June 2 - CAF
❖June 9 - Graduation Sunday
❖June 16 - Summer Sunday School
❖July 9 - Summer Sunday School
❖August 20 - Summer Sunday School
Upcoming Curriculum and Events 
September: Foundations 
Do you remember the beginning? How did we get started with church? Has it always been a part of your routine, or have you recently started coming to church? Let’s go back to our foundations, to our roots, to what makes us Christians.
❖ September 10 - Rally Sunday (First CAF)
❖ September 17 - CAF
❖ September 24 - Prayer Buddies

October: Spiritual Gifts
Spiritual gifts are an important part of our faith and foundation for being. At the time of Jesus’ teachings, spiritual gifts were considered extraordinary talents bestowed by the Holy Spirit. In our everyday terms, we think of these as our talents, graces, and special abilities that make us unique. Each of us has a specific role in our communities, homes, and even sports teams. More importantly, our spiritual gifts are a fundamental part of our identity. What are your spiritual gift
❖ October 1 - Fall Sunday School (Collaborative God’s Garden/CAF/MYF)
❖ October 8 - CAF
❖ October 15 - CAF
❖ October 22 - CAF
➢ October 28 (Saturday) - Youth Halloween party
❖ October 29 - CAF

November: Gratitude 
❖ November 5 - CAF
❖ November 12 - Transgender Awareness Sunday Family Service
❖ November 19 - Thanksgiving Family Service
❖ November 26 - Prayer Buddies

December: Community 
❖ December 2 (Saturday) - Hanging of the Greens
❖ December 3 - CAF
❖ December 10 - CAF
❖ December 17 - CAF
❖ December 24 - Christmas Eve Family Service
❖ December 31 - New Year's Eve Family Service
There were 15 CAF youth and 2 adults on the 2022-2023 roster. Attendance for the 2022-2023 school year ranged from 5-10 CAF youth and 2 adults.
After updating registration for the 2023-2024 school year, there are 13 CAF youth and 4 adults (including youth advisors). Attendance has ranged from 4-5 CAF youth and 2-4 adults. I am excited to announce that 3 youth advisors have joined the CAF team, and we look forward to a great CAF year!

I’m grateful for the opportunity to serve CAF and Wesley again. I feel that I have learned and continue to learn so much from Wesley’s youth. I am in constant awe of the insights and ideas that our youth have, and it is a privilege to be able to nurture their faith and personal growth. Our youth are our future, and providing the space for them to be themselves, to affirm and question their faith, and to develop their identities is crucial to their growth as future leaders in our communities. 

Submitted by Lauren Takaichi