Rally Sunday

Yay, Sunday School!! On Sunday, Sept 10th, we welcomed back children and teachers for the start of God’s Garden Sunday School year. We blessed backpacks, presented a Bible to our 3rd Grader and had a great Fellowship lunch afterwards. It was great to see the sanctuary filled with our children, youth and teachers. Thank you to everyone who helped make Rally Sunday so special for the children and the church!
Hats off to all our returning Sunday School Teachers as Rally Sunday kicked off another virbrant and exciting school year for our church youngsters. We are so thankful for all church teachers who dedicate all their Sundays from September to June working on the spiritual growth of our youth and give up a part of their worship lives to do this service for God and our church families.
A child’s first Bible is given to all third graders and Akemi received hers from Rev. John Oda.
The children celebrated the beginning of a incoming school year with brand new back-packs and were given special name tags by the God’s Garden Director Hatty Lin and a God blessing delivered by Rev. John.
Our teachers this year are;
Sacred Seedlings (nursery): Mari Fujii, Kellie Nunokawa and Christine Ozawa and Mika Visitacion
Super Sprouts (preschool): Mary Asano, Karen Chou and Leighton Horio
Best Buds (K-2nd): Lisa Bantilan, Jayne Williams and Kiyomi Yanai
Giving Tree (3rd-5th): Clarissa Johnston-Abril, Rob Hikido, Hatty Lin and Jim Mar
2023-2024 CAF
2023-2024 MYF
CAF Director: Lauren Takaichi
MYF Director: Kasper Kimura
God’s Garden Director: Hatty Lin
Children and Youth Program Director: Kelli Martines
If you have any questions about God’s Garden, CAF or MYF, you can reach out to Hatty Lin (godsgarden@wesleysj.net), Lauren Takaichi (caf@wesleysj.net) or Kasper Kimura (myf@wesleysj.net).
Thank you to Mari Fujii, Mika Visitaction and Kiyomi Yanai for making the wonderful balloon arch!
First time acolytes!