New motorized vehicle gate and pedestrian gates expected to be operational soon

A new security fencing has been installed to safeguard church staff, the congregation, and church property after other attempts to improve security did not resolve issues around trespassing, property crime, break-ins, and unauthorized use of church property.
So what will change? For the vast majority of the congregation, there will be no change. The motorized gate for the 5th Street parking lot and pedestrian gates at 5th Street and the gate to access the 6th Street N lot will be open during Sunday service and during the weekdays when the church office is open.
However, if you are a church leader who needs access to church property during evenings, weekends or other non-business hours, you will need a code to open the pedestrian gates and motorized vehicle gate. Codes have been distributed to committee and ministry chairs who normally hold meetings during “off hours” ahead of time. If you have a need for a code and have not received it, please contact the church office at well ahead of the next time you will be on campus. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation!
Acknowledgement: This project would not have been possible without the contributions from many skilled church volunteers including project managers Rob Hikido and Bob Yasukawa. Jim Yamaguchi & Bob Y(re-routing irrigation), Dave Brown, Mimune Tsukamoto & Bob Y (internet connection) and Dale Sasaki (contract review).