Love in Action - United Women in Faith

Back in February of this year, our Wesley UWF sent 70 fleece heart kits to a G.E.M. (Girls Embracing Mothers) program at a Gatesville prison in Central Texas. Once a month, girls with incarcerated mothers are transported by bus for a special 4 hour visit with their mothers. During the visit mother and daughter are able to bond and do activities together. Enough kits were sent to the program so that this activity could be done more than once. Check out the heartwarming photos sent showing Mom and daughter doing the activity together. Love in action can take many forms. No act of kindness is too small.  It is very inspiring and heartwarming to think our activity can be very impactful.
The work of the G.E.M. organization aligns closely with the UWF’s core commitment in addressing mass incarceration and criminalization of communities of color and has a longstanding commitment to support women and girls.