Wow! What a transformation!

Stop by to see the remodeled Fireside Room which has been transformed into a multi-purpose meeting room.  New features include brighter LED ceiling lights, a flat screen monitor for on-line meetings or for playing videos, smaller conference tables that can be arranged in various layouts --depending on the number of meeting participants--, new cabinets, drapes, new closet door, new easy-care vinyl plank flooring, and new lateral filing cabinets for choir music.  Thanks to designer Cynthia Fukuda and installation team Byran Longmire, Cynthia, Mona Otomori, Jim Higuchi, Dave Brown and many others.  
We appreciate the input from COM and others.  So what’s next?  We will be requesting input from the congregation on other spaces that need updating.  We’ll need to prioritize based on needs of ministries, availability of funds and interested volunteers to do the work! Look for a survey coming soon either via Survey Monkey or paper format where your Board of Trustees (BOT) will seek input so we can prioritize and budget accordingly.